Ivan Stocker

Ivan Stocker

Civil Mining Engineer


  • Project development and management
  • Conception, Definition, Feasibility, Planning, Financing and Management of projects
  • Consultancy in renewable energy, environmental and land remediation projects
  • Remediation and redevelopment / valorisation of contaminated sites
  • Strategic and Specific Market Assessment
  • HS&E Due Diligence Audits
  • Public Relations


Contact: i.stocker@pleja.de

Curriculum Vitae

Name:Ivan Stocker

Degree in Civil Mining Engineering, University of Brussels (ULB), Ecole Polytechnique, Belgium (1986 - 1992)

Master of Urban Environmental Management and Mining Exploration, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie (ENSG) Nancy, France (1991-1992)

Special Qualifikations:

Extensive working experience in international projects. At ease in a wide range of cultures, excellent communication skills.

Full computer literacy

Laguage Skills: French (Mother tongue), fluent in English, Dutch, Spanish and Italian, average level in German

Praktische Erfahrung:

Jun 1991 – Sep 1991
Anglo American Mining Corporation, Welkom (South Africa)
Traineeship in South Africa and Baia Mare (Rumania) - Mining exploration

Dec 1991 – Jun 1992
Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie de Nancy, Nancy (France)
Mining engineer consultant in North Vietnam

Aug 1992 – Oct 1992
Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Mining engineering consultant

Jan 1993 – Mar 1993
INDAVER N.V., Antwerp, Belgium
Engineering consultant

1993 – 1994
Arcadis Trischler & Partner, Darmstadt, Germany
Project Engineer

1994 – 1996
Arcadis Trias, Lille, France
Head of Agency

1996 – 2000
Arcadis Enviras, Belgium
Regional Manager

2000 – 2003
Bouygues SA, Belgium and international
Development Manager, Contract Manager

2000 – 2005
Plejades Independent Expert GmbH – Brussels, Belgium
Senior Consultant, Project Management

2005 – 2009
Desmet Engineers and Contractors – DS Development – Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Brussels, Belgium
Director of Bioenergy Division (Belgium) - Director of DS Development (Argentina)

Since Dec 2009
Plejades Independent Expert GmbH – Brussels
Head of Brussels Office


Countries of work experience:
France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Argentina, Mongolia, Vietnam, South Africa

A. Ir. Br / Association of Belgian Engineers