Karl-Heinz Beckmann

Karl-Heinz Beckmann



MBA (Diplom-Kaufmann)


  • Consulting services in economics
  • Financing studies for international infrastructure projects
  • Tariff studies - Analyses and design of tariffing schemes
  • Valuation of public enterprises
  • Cost-benefit analyses for environmental projects


Contact: khbeckmann@pleja.de

Curriculum Vitae

Name:Karl-Heinz Beckmann

MBA (Diplom-Kaufmann), University of Bielefeld, Germany (1983-1990)

Special Qualification:

Design of financing strategies for infrastructure projects (in the Water and Waste Management sectors), financing of investments using international funding programmes, analyse of annual financial statements and business plans of public and private enterprises, advice for grounding and management of public enterprises, valuation and management of claims and of risks linked to credit loss, strategic controlling and management of information systems, moderation of conferences, valuation of contaminated sites and assessment of the budget needed for their remediation.

Full computer literacy, including controlling and accounting  software


Language skills: German (mother tongue), fluent in English, basic Spanish

Professional Experience:

1985 –- 1990
Faculty for Business Science, University of Bielefeld
Tutor for various foundation courses (Econometrics, Mathematics, Macroeconomics)

1990 – 1993
University of Bielefeld, chair of Business Administration (Controlling)
Research Assistant by Prof. Dr. A. Luhmer

1994 – 1998
University of Magdeburg, chair of Business Administration, Accounting and controlling department
Research Assistant by Prof. Dr. A. Luhmer

2000 – 2002
Credit union Harsewinkel (Volksbank Harsewinkel)
Financial controlling and organisational activities

2003 – 2007
Karl-Heinz Beckmann – Finanzanalysen und Beratungen, Bielefeld
Free-lance Consultant

since 2007
Plejades GmbH Economics, Bielefeld
Financing expert

Countries of work experience:

Germany, Bulgaria, Iran, Romania