Dr.-Ing. Norbert Molitor

Dr.-Ing. Norbert Molitor

Dr.-Ing. Norbert Molitor

Mining engineer, PhD in engineering mechanics Continuum Mechanics


  • Strategic consulting, project analyses, project management and optimisation, risk analyses and decision processes
  • Consulting in the environmental, energy and mining sector
  • Restructuring, remediation and development
  • Closure and decommissioning of nuclear facilities and mining sites
  • International projects


Contact: norbertmolitor@pleja.de

Curriculum Vitae




Norbert Molitor



Diploma as Mining Engineer (Dipl. Berging.), Technical University of Clausthal, (1985)

PhD in Continuum Mechanics (Dr. Ing.) Technical University of Clausthal, Institute for Technical Mechanic (1988)

Special Qualifications:


Practice and certificate as "Bergbaubeflissener" (Administrative practice with exam on behalf of state mine authority) by the Hessian Mining Authority (Hessisches Oberbergamt), Wiesbaden (1984)

Certificate for handling of explosives, Westphalian Association of Mining Industry (Westfälische Berggewerkschaftskasse) (1984),


Emergency protection and rescue technique training, Mining Rescue Center of Clausthal (Grubenrettungsstelle Clausthal) (1984)


Training course “Waste solidification”, Technical Academy of Esslingen (Technische Akademie Esslingen) (1992)


Certificate as EMAS-auditor (EWG Nr. 1836/93) for cooperative environmental management, mining and related service industries, D.A.U., Bonn (1996)


Certificate of the Advanced Management Programme, TSM Business School (NL-USA) (1998-1999)


Certificate for Radiation Protection, Bonn (2005, 2010)



Language Skills: German(Mother tongue), fluent in English, French and Japanese, basic Russian

Professional experience:

1979 - 1983
Training practice in mining companies (Germany, France, Switzerland)

  • 1979 Kali & Salz AG, Germany
  • 1980 Preussag Metall AG, Germany 
  • 1980 Saarbergwerke AG, Germany
  • 1981 COGEMA, France
  • 1981 Gips Union S.A., Switzerland
  • 1982 Charbonnages de France, France


1981 - 1985
Institute of Mineralogy, Technical University of Clausthal (TU Clausthal), Germany
Research assistant, on-line-microprobe evaluation, calculation methods for structural evaluation


1984 - 1985
Institute for Mining, TU Clausthal, Germany
Research assistant, metrology, IT implementation and software development for the investigation of salt rheology


1985 - 1988
Institute for Technical Mechanics, TU Clausthal, Germany
Assistant lecturer, research and training, industrial projects in the field of mining and chemical industry


1992 - 1997
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines, Paris, France
Lecturer, Training of postgraduates in the field “Environmental Remediation Techniques” (ISIGE, MSc. in Environment)


1992 - 1995
TRIAS S. A., Lyon, France
General Manager
Technical and financial management


1988 - 1999
Trischler und Partner GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany
Project engineer, Technical expertise, consulting, planning, project management
Head of department (1991 - 1999)
Technical Director (1996 - 1999)


since 2000
Plejades GmbH – Independent Experts, Griesheim, Germany
Co-founder and Managing Partner


since 2004
Plejades Bulgaria OOD, Sofia, Bulgaria
Co-founder and Managing Partner 


since 2005
Plejades GmbH - Unabhängige Berater, Freiberg, Germany
Managing Director


Countries of work experience:Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Japan, Kosovo/Serbia, Switzerland, USA, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates