networking - flexible - international oriented - many-sided - independent


PLEJADES is set up as a strategic consulting company, acting at the interface between technical and management consulting. In addition, we provide specific services for decisions requiring highly complex technical and economical analysis and which involve far-reaching consequences.


For each project, we will:

  • analyse the situation,
  • analyse the chances versus the risks,
  • propose decisions,
  • support or control and manage the whole project.


According to the project requirements, PLEJADES strives to gather the appropriate know-how and experience by involving external experts. Thanks to PLEJADES' long-time proven experience, we have established an extensive professional network of national and international experts, as well as contacts with companies, consultants and authorities. Therefore, we are able to offer an efficient team customized to various challenges, to ensure a target-oriented development of each project. As a small-sized and flexible entity with quick and easy access to all-round qualified resources, we guarantee our clients a reliable and successful handling.


Actually, the name “PLEJADES” refers to the Pleiades constellation (or M45 – the Seven Sisters), the most famous open cluster of stars of the Northern hemisphere, and we chose it because it symbolizes what we stand for: brilliance, openness, flexibility. 

The first star of our network, PLEJADES GmbH - Independent Experts in Griesheim, was founded in 2000 by the managing directors Bärbel Krüger, Dr. Stefan Kamsties and Dr. Norbert Molitor.

Over the years, the significant increase in our activities, clients and partners resulted in an extension of our company. Following our networking concept, new regional and functional units were set up and new subsidiaries and representation offices were created.

These are:
PLEJADES Independent Experts, Project team Magdeburg / Germany since 2001
PLEJADES Independent Experts Brussels / Belgium since 2003
PLEJADES Bulgaria OOD in Sofia / Bulgaria since 2004
PLEJADES GmbH - Unabhängige Berater in Freiberg / Germany since 2004
PLEJADES GmbH - Economics in Bielefeld / Germany since 2005
PLEJADES Project Office Lefke / Cyprus, from 2007 to 2009
PLEJADES GmbH - Independent Experts, Büro Münster / Germany since 2010

PLEJADES Project Office Slavutych / Ukraine, from 2014 to 2017

PLEJADES Project Office Belgrade / Serbia, since 2016


We are dedicated to provide the most convenient structure for the most cost- effective handling of our client’s projects. As such, we will extend our network by opening new regional project offices worldwide when deemed appropriate.