Main services:

  • R&D project development and proposal preparing for finding schemes
  • R&D project consulting
  • R&D project management
  • R&D project controlling
  • Development of new technologies
  • Utilization and transfer of know-How
  • Expert opinion and reports



  • New remediation technologies for contaminated sites (e. g. enhanced natural attenuation, in-situ technologies  for persistent organic pollutants)
  • Dismantling technologies (e.g. mobile decomposition tent for decommissioning of nuclear glove boxes)
  • Mechanical-chemical destruction of pollutants (e.g. PCB, Dioxins, with technochemical processes)
  • New materials
    (e.g. CNH – carbon nanohorns, CNH-plastics)
  • Greenhouse gas emission analyses and reduction, benchmarking
    (e.g. for energy sector, raw materials sector))
  • Modern management systems
    (e.g. process based management systems according to IAEA GS R3, risk management)


We also support the international cooperation for future R&D projects.


Your contact person for Innovation services is Dr.-Ing. Norbert Molitor.